Wednesday, November 9, 2016

6 Effective Reasons to wake up at 6 am

6 Effective Reasons to wake up at 6 am

Many people link early risers to success.

Here I will provide you 6 effective reasons to wake up at 6 am.

1. You will have time to discover the hidden you

There are a lot of people who are unable to achieve goals due to lack of focus and gets distracted easily. Tese type of people doesn't start the day by keeping in mind the urgent tasks. Also, it is well known, that the brain works more efficiently in the first half of day so try to complete only that tasks that matter the most.

2. You get time to schedule the day

As you wake up early, you will be able to plan the day before starting your work. By doing this, you will be able to do tasks in more powerful and efficient manner.

Other thing is to plan schedule a day before, this will reduce stress and you will be able to complete tasks easily. But at the time of rest don't plan your schedule.

3. Do self Improvement

Who told you to wake up and reach to the office directly? There are a lot of people who don't make time for any exercise, family or entertainment.

On the contrary, if you wake up at 6, you will get time to do any exercise, go to the gym or do yoga before your day starts. By doing this, your body is sated with endorphins. The brain releases serotonin which helps to make you happy. The Endorphins generates a feeling of happiness and also generates more energy.

4. Able to take Breakfast

We have heard many times, Breakfast is the most essential meal for the whole day. As you wake up early, you will be able to take breakfast. 

5. Successful people wake up early

In a New york magazine, it was mentioned that Jack Dorsey, founder of twitter wakes up at 5:30 to do meditation and a 10km of the run.

Tim cook also wakes up at 4:30 and answer emails of all the partners.

6.  Two steps ahead of everyone

Many types of research have proven that waking up early will unleash your potential and provides you confidence.

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