Wednesday, November 16, 2016

7 Common Mistakes to avoid in the morning

7 Common Mistakes to avoid in the morning

How you start your morning defines your whole day. If you start your day without energy or being unproductive, you will commit some of the following common 7 mistakes. Here we will describe you all the 7 Common Mistakes to avoid in the morning.

1. Don't Hit the Snooze Button

As per the researchers, to snooze the alarm is not a good idea. It is the truth, when you hit the snooze button and you fall asleep, you will enter into a new sleep cycle and then you will be enabled to wake up again.

2. Don't Stay Curled up in bed

 As soon as you wake up, you should stretch your legs. By doing this, you will feel more confident happy. While if you start your day like a cat you will feel more stressed and  unhappy.

3. Don't Check Email as soon as you wake up

 If you start your day checking your Email, you will be more distracted and feel like unproductive. Instead, you should start your day focusing on the work that is much more important. You should avoid wasting time in scrolling down the Inbox.

4. Make your Bed

As you wake up, if you don't arrange the bed the things around the bed you will become less productive. Instead, if you install a habit to arrange the things around the bed, you will become happy and start  your day with positive thoughts,

5. Don't Drink Coffee

After waking up, don't drink coffee. If you are the person, who wakes up by drinking coffee, avoid it. In the early hrs, you will release energy regulating hormone called cortisol. As per study, it is proved that, if you drink coffee before 9:30 AM, you will reduce the  production of cortisol and will have less energy.

6. Don't wake up in dark

If you wake up in low light, you will be more stressed and feel unproductive. It is also proved that our body's  internal clock is sensitive to light and dark places. So when you wake up, open the curtains and it still you feel there is low light then switch on a Bright Light.

7.  Create Good Habits

As per studies, our willpower will become less if we focus on small things in the morning. Instead of doing the things that are unimportant or easy, focus on the most important tasks in the evening. As you do large tasks first you will gain more energy to complete the rest tasks of the day easily. 

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