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How to change your life for the better in just one month

How to change your life for the better in just one month

Change Your Life

Here are some of the tasks one should do to get a better life after a month. For the whole month, I will list you some of the tasks that you should perform every single week to make your life better. I have divided the section into 3 different tasks every week. By Performing these tasks for a month you will find the change in yourself. After that, it's up to you whether you want to continue with them or not.

                                             Week 1: Purifying Mind and Body 

1. Wake up early

An early start around 5 or 6 am in the morning is the best time. This is the best time you can find for yourself you are unable to find the whole day. In the early morning, all the people are sleeping, so the environment is amazing to sort some of the important tasks. Also, if you arise early you will be able to install a new habit, which will be helpful to you later. But if  you are feeling lazy and don't want to wake up early, it doesn't mean that you are tired. It means you don't want to live your life to the fullest. While waking up you say, it's the same day ,you would find difficult but instead if you say, "Go for it". You will feel much better.

2. Better Nutrition

This requires a lot of courage from you. You are currently addicted to alcohol, cigarettes or unhealthy food. Instead, you should leave all the food which have harmful effects. Also, it requires a lot of effort but if you want to change you have to do it. I m personally vegetarian.

All of us should remove toxic things from our life. Also, reduce the amount of food at night. Don't eat before going to bed. If required, take an advice from a Dietician. By doing this, you will feel change in yourself.

3. Sports

I love sport very much. I always spend time with the daily exercises. If you want to move your life, you have to move your body. For this, you can do any sort of exercising like dancing, yoga, running, walking , playing outdoor games, etc. You can join a GYM, as it makes you stronger and Fit.

                                       Week 2 : Putting your private life in order

1. Clean up your personal space

Throw all the unnecessary things. Now it's the time to remove all the past things that are not useful into a trash. If you are holding your past memories you will not progress. Throw smallest things as well, as all the things occupy space. As you do this, you will feel amazing.

2. Sort of your personal business, fulfill obligations:

Do you remember how many times you promise to learn that new course? And how many times you promise to visit your grandparents home?  How many times you promise to complete these things in the new year? You have only two options, either to fulfill them or to remove from to do list. It's up to you whether you want to live the same old  life or strive for a new life.

3. Sort out your social life

Remove all the persons which are ruining your life. Break  off relationships with such people. Leave all arrogant and bad people who don't have new things to learn. Walk  away  from such unusual people. It will be hard at first, but after few weeks you will feel better. Admire your parents only, nobody else.

                                                 Week 3: Plans, Goals, and dreams

1. Write down plans daily and carry them 

You have left with many tasks from the previous week. Do you feel good? If no, then get up complete those tasks and be ready to plan new tasks for  the current week. By doing this,  you will gain more in life. Plans you like to perform in your free time. Also, don't forget to spend time with friends  and loved ones. You also write about new plans that you want to install every day. Follow your plans, your life would become beautiful.

2. List your most important dreams

List of all the favorite things you wanna to do. Revise them daily and each time you will come across some new idea. Some of your dreams may seem to be unachievable. This may include doing skydiving at the age of 80. Let go all the noises in head and image that world is a beautiful place to achieve great things. You have all the time and money to do great things.

3. Plan things every day

On a daily basis, make plans. Plan for the upcoming day a day before. You will feel more productive by writing it down. Also after this, look at our plan, whether I accomplished it or not.

                                                  Week 4: Expand your horizons

1. Try to live differently

 We all know that, small things also matter. So , try to work differently. Go to the restaurant you never go before. In your free time, try to do some new activity. At your workplace, ask yourself: what can I do something different right now? you will try something different and will install a habit of it.

2. Break off your comfort zone

You have performed all  the previous tasks. But there are fears in your eyes. To remove them , you to the places you never had before. While running in the morning, go for an extra mile. Go to places where  you don't know anyone. Talk with strangers. Doing this, you learn new things.

3. Take a break

What have you thought? Here take  a break means to do turn off all of your gadgets and ask yourself, what are the new things I did past four weeks, which new places I visit. This simply means to do self-talk. Give honest feedback to yourself, because you are the creator of your life.

By following all the above tasks, you will feel within yourself a tremendous energy and feel much better. But if you apply these thing in your life daily you will feel amazing and life would become easy.

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