Wednesday, November 9, 2016

How to fall sound asleep in just a minute

How to fall  sound asleep in just a minute?

Before  a few days, I  was at a friends party. I was unable to sleep so he gave me a method. This method has worked very well and also changed my life a lot.

Here is the trick, it's known as the '4-7-8' method. Steps are as follows:

1. Breath slowly through nose for 4 seconds
2. Hold the breath for 7 seconds.
3. Last is to breath out slowly from the mouth for next 8 seconds.

Now we will describe the method in brief.

How the method works?

Firstly, when my friend told me this trick, I think he was joking but surprisingly when I did this last night before I reached my breath counter to 8 I felt asleep. This excise really worked well. This exercise makes up asleep immediately. Another thing is when you slow down the breath, your heart's rhythm decreases and you feel calm, it's a basic psychology.

As per the study by neurologist, by this exercise feeling of anxiety gets over and also it slows down 
your central neural system steadily.

Then I studied about the exercise and found something great. If  you are stressed, the chemical named adrenaline increases your flow of blood and also makes your breathing faster.  

With the help of this method , your whole body feels so relaxed. This method was found Andrew Weil, Harvard medical doctor. The method was being used by Indian Yogis in centuries before. Yogis used this technique to reach a state of complete meditation.

How can this technique be helpful to you?

One thing I like to share in common, if this technique has the same effect on you as I have, then you will  be able to fall asleep fastly in any condition. Suppose due to any situation you wake up at midnight, this exercise will help you. It also helps when you're stressed in life.

After the day of Party, I am using this method daily and it has helped me a lot and I wake up in morning with a great feeling.


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