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10 Most Fascinating Movies to watch this year

10 Most Fascinating Movies to watch this year

Every year lots of movies are releasing, but there are some fascinating movies that you can't ignore to watch at any cost. In this year, we have handcrafted a list of movies that you should watch. List of 10 most fascinating movies to watch this year are as follows:



Arrival is a science fiction movie which is based on an encounter between humans and aliens. In this movie, the government recruits a linguistics to communicate with the aliens. The Film hit the theaters on November 10.

Fantastic Beasts and How to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and How to Find Them

This is an Adventures Film that depicts the life of Newt Scamander in the New York City with the wizards and witches 70 years before the Harry reads his book in school. The Film hits the Theatre on November 18.



In 1942, North America, an agent meets a Gorgeous French Woman behind the enemy lines. Later on, the couple meets in London and gets married. As soon as the man comes to know that his wife is a Spy, then the story makes turns and twists. The Film hits the theater on November 23.

Underworld: Blood Wars

Underworld: Blood Wars

Selena is a Vampire who wages a war between the Lycan clan and the  Vampire Faction that had betrayed her. This movie is the fifth installment in the underworld series. You can watch the First Four Parts of the Movie  as the Movie is going to hit the theater on January 6,2017.

Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed is a Fantasy Movie based mainly on the Video Games. It is a story about the Callum Lynch experience the memories of Ancestor, Aguilar and also acquires all powers of Master Assassin and he comes to discover the secret society. The Film hits the theater on December 14.

Collateral Beauty 
 Collateral Beauty

The Film features the main characters as will smith, Kate Winslet and Keira Knightly. It is a story about a man who has lost his interest in life, all of his friends help him to plan things in a very anonymous way. The Film will hit the theater on December 30.

Roger One: A star Wars Story

 Roger One: A star Wars Story

The Movie is the fifth Installment in the star wars series. It is a story about Heroes who plans to steal the plans of Death Star, ultimate weapon for the extinction of lifeon Planet. The Film will hit the theater on December 16.



Thousands of People are being shifted to Distinct Planet via Spacecraft. While During the Journey, two Passengers are awaked 90 years before the ship malfunctions. This amazing movie is going to Hit the theater on December 21.


It is a story  about a Baseball Player who retires due to problems and becomes a street Sweeper. The man doesn't allow his son to play football in college and comes home taking a baby that he had due to an affair. The man is facing various other problems in the  life. The Film will hit the theater on December 25.



The Movie is based on the true story  of a Prospector namely Matthew McConaughey who draws the attention of FBI Agent and Military as he finds Gold in the Jungle. It is an amazing story in Jungle of Indonesia. The Film will Hit the theater on December 25.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

7 Common Mistakes to avoid in the morning

7 Common Mistakes to avoid in the morning

How you start your morning defines your whole day. If you start your day without energy or being unproductive, you will commit some of the following common 7 mistakes. Here we will describe you all the 7 Common Mistakes to avoid in the morning.

1. Don't Hit the Snooze Button

As per the researchers, to snooze the alarm is not a good idea. It is the truth, when you hit the snooze button and you fall asleep, you will enter into a new sleep cycle and then you will be enabled to wake up again.

2. Don't Stay Curled up in bed

 As soon as you wake up, you should stretch your legs. By doing this, you will feel more confident happy. While if you start your day like a cat you will feel more stressed and  unhappy.

3. Don't Check Email as soon as you wake up

 If you start your day checking your Email, you will be more distracted and feel like unproductive. Instead, you should start your day focusing on the work that is much more important. You should avoid wasting time in scrolling down the Inbox.

4. Make your Bed

As you wake up, if you don't arrange the bed the things around the bed you will become less productive. Instead, if you install a habit to arrange the things around the bed, you will become happy and start  your day with positive thoughts,

5. Don't Drink Coffee

After waking up, don't drink coffee. If you are the person, who wakes up by drinking coffee, avoid it. In the early hrs, you will release energy regulating hormone called cortisol. As per study, it is proved that, if you drink coffee before 9:30 AM, you will reduce the  production of cortisol and will have less energy.

6. Don't wake up in dark

If you wake up in low light, you will be more stressed and feel unproductive. It is also proved that our body's  internal clock is sensitive to light and dark places. So when you wake up, open the curtains and it still you feel there is low light then switch on a Bright Light.

7.  Create Good Habits

As per studies, our willpower will become less if we focus on small things in the morning. Instead of doing the things that are unimportant or easy, focus on the most important tasks in the evening. As you do large tasks first you will gain more energy to complete the rest tasks of the day easily. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

10 Foods to Increase Your Metabolism

10 Foods to Increase Your Metabolism

We all know that all have a different metabolic rate. Metabolism is increased by doing mainly three things as by doing exercise regularly, drinking a lot of water and getting a proper sleep. Also, there are some of the other amazing ways by which metabolism increases. Here we will provide you some of the most effective ways to increase metabolism. Here are top 10 foods to increase metabolism.
1. Hot Peppers
Hot Peppers

As per research, Hot Peppers increases metabolic rate by 25%. By eating these, your body sweats more than normal and stimulates receptors which in turn speeds up metabolic rate. 

2. Oatmeal and brown rice

Oatmeal and brown rice

In order to maintain your body, you should have more intake of whole grains like wheat, oatmeal, rice and corn. Taking whole grains in proper amount will increase metabolism as  they contain various nutrients and carbohydrates.

3. Broccoli


Broccoli contains various vitamins like C, K and A. Also it is the most effective source of calcium that speeds up your metabolism. Also it contains a high amount of antioxidants.

4. Soups


Lots of researches have proved that taking soups will decrease your obesity. Mostly it is served before meal, what's the reason behind it? People who drink soup consume less food. Also, soup helps to burn the fat fastly.

5. Coffee and Green Tea

Coffee and Green Tea

Many types of research have proves that Coffee and Green Tea are the best ways to speed up your metabolism. These Liquids helps to burn fat, lower sugar level and decrease sign of cellulite.

6. Pears and Apples

Pears and Apples

Pears and Apples are considered best when it comes to losing weight. These two fruits contain low calories and also speeds up the metabolism.

7. Spices


Spices can be considered as the best sources to increase metabolism. Spices such as garlic powder, black pepper, mustard seeds and ginger increase metabolism very quickly. As per the study, People who take spices will burn more than 1000 calories a day.

8. Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are mainly consumed to maintain the level of insulin. Fruits such as Oranges, lemons and grapefruits helps to burn more bat and also speeds up metabolism. Also, these fruits contain a large amount of Vitamin C.

9. Foods with Rich Calcium

Foods with Rich Calcium

There are lots of foods available in the market which are very beneficial to increase the metabolic rate. As per research, People who consume more calcium-rich food lose twice more weight than usual. Foods such as Yogurt, Soya beans , Milk, etc contain more calcium.

10. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are mainly found in Fish, but it  is also present in Flaxseed oil, Chia Seeds, walnut oil, Seafood, Soya beans, Spinach and Nuts.

Consumption of these foods speeds up Metabolism decreases the production of Hormone called leptin.

Friday, November 11, 2016

10 Most Deadliest Natural Places on Earth

10 Most Deadliest Natural Places on Earth

The world is full of Diversity and Liveliness. It is Surrounded by  Beautiful, Amazing , Magnificent and Eye Catching Locations. Besides, there are also some places on the Earth were Human Life is not Possible. Here I will Describe top 10 Deadliest Natural Places on Earth.

The Danakil Desert, Eritrea

The Danakil Desert, Eritrea

This Place is Considered as the "Cruelest Place on the Earth". It is one of the hottest places on the Earth with a temperature of 50 degrees Celcius (120 degrees F). The place has  overwhelmed Volcanos, tectonic activity. No one will be able to get any cruel place than this in the Africa's Dankali Desert. While some fo the people are going for an adventure on this place. One thing you should keep in mind, visiting this place without an Experienced Guide is Strictly Restricted.

Sinabung Volcano, Indonesia

Sinabung Volcano, Indonesia

The Volcano is located on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia. On this Island, Eruptions over very frequently. Also, Solfataric activity such as Steam, Gas, and lava Eruptions occurred in late 1912. Volcanic Eruptions were Observed in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 had killed lots of people. Recently on November 6 ,2016, a Moderate Explosion and Pyroclastic Flow was Observed. The Volcanic Eruptions occur from 2460 feet High Mountain.

Madidi National Park, Bolivia

Madidi National Park is located in upper Amazon river basin in Bolivia. From the Picture, it can be observed that this place is too Amazing. Many People are also Visiting this Awesome Place. But apart from this, the place is surrounded by some small creepy insects and they are too dangerous if anyone comes in contact with any kind of itching, rash, and dizziness or even a small wound then it can cause you Tropical Parasites.

Bikini Atoll, The Marshall Islands

Bikini Atoll, The Marshall Islands

Does it place look like a Paradise? But Actually, the place was used for Nuclear Testing Several Decades ago and all the people will shift from the place. It became affected by various Radioactive Chemicals. Even Today, this place is not suitable for human beings. Through a survey, radiation that is detected here can cause cancer.

Lake, Natron, Tanzania

Lake, Natron, Tanzania

This lake is located in the Arusha Region of North Tanzania. The lake consists of a High amount of Salt and Soda. The lake is so much dangerous, any creatures when comes in contact with the lake, just die due to its salt crust.

Death Valley, USA

Death Valley, USA


The Death Valley is located in Eastern California. The Temperature on this place is Highest up to 56.7 degree Celsius(134 degrees Fahrenheit). This is one of  the Most Hottest Places on Planet. One cannot survive for more than 14 hrs without water on this place.

Mount Washington, USA

Mount Washington, USA

This place has Fastest Winds ever found at any place on the planet. The Highest Speed of Wind Recorded here is 203 miles/hr. It has a temperature of (-40-degree celsius) with heavy snowfalls. It is also considered as world's one of the deadliest peaks.

Iha da Queimada Grande, Brazil

Iha da Queimada Grande, Brazil

This place consists of World's Deadliest Snakes. The place is located on the coast of Brazil. This Place is one of the most dangerous places with venomous snakes called Bothrops.

Valley of Death, Kamchatka, Russia

Valley of Death, Kamchatka, Russia

This place is located in the east of Russia. The place consists of High Concentrations of Gasses due to which any creature are unable to survive there. Also, the place is famous for the valley  of Geysers.

Afar Depression, Ethiopia

Afar Depression, Ethiopia

This is one of the most Hottest Places of the Earth. Erta la Volcano is too much Dangerous. On this place, on regular basis Earthquake occur, due to which place is Unstable. Also, Lava changes positions frequently, which shakes surface of Earth.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

12 Magnificent Movies with an awesome Magical Atmosphere

12 Magnificent Movies with an awesome Magical Atmosphere

During sometimes, we remember the childhood stories of fairy tales and the amazing atmosphere. But currently, all these things are disappeared from our life and we like to feel those great memories.

Here we have picked some of the great magical movies that are filled with awesome atmosphere.

  Big Fish, 200

Big Fish

You might think, this movie is just like a fairytale, but you are wrong. This movie is filled with love, 
adventure, fantasy, kindness , delight and a tremendous magic which is drawn by the character.

 Bridge to Terabithia, 2006

Bridge to Terabithia

This is such an amazing movie which describes a superb mixture of Childish imagination, bright dreams, true friendships and  heart taking emotions. Here is a story of two kids who escapes from the real world and creates their own fantasy world.

 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, 2013The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

This is a story of a person who gets threatened by the job, reach out of it and experience a superb journey.  Walter is a person which has great ambitions of his life.

Alice in Wonderland,  2010

Alice in Wonderland

It is a story of 19-year-old Alice who returns to a magical world from her childhood and reunites there with her old friends and finds her real  destiny.

Mirrormask, 2005


It is a story of a 15-year-old girl named Helena Campbell, who is born in Circus Performers Family and doesn't like family. She has a fight with her mother and her mother gets sick and then she feels to be attracted by the Fantasy world. 

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, 2009

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

The Film is so Fantastic and Amazing. Sometimes you will not be able to get the film. In the film, are are some members who are doing traveling, meanwhile, the leader had a fight with the devil, after this incident the leader takes the audience to a powerful magical mirror to know new imaginations and Presents a choice between self-Wisdom or Gratifying Ignorance.

  The Moonrise Kingdom, 2012

 The Moonrise Kingdom

It is a story about a Twelve-year-old boy Sam and a girl Suzy which fallen in love with each other 
and decided to live the world and create a world free from  Evil and Violence. 

Interstate 60, 2011

 Interstate 60

Interstate 60 movie allows you to think carefully about your life. It is a combination of Fantasy, Parable and metaphor.

 Pan’s Labyrinth, 2006

Pan’s Labyrinth

This is not a fairytale. This movie is combination fantasy and also the dark world.

Stardust, 2007


This movie is full of Miracles and Magic. It spreads romance and is slightly better than Fairy Tales.

The Science of Sleep, 2006

The Science of Sleep

This movie is too amazing as it is a combination of Brilliance and Madness.

 What Dreams may Come, 1998

What Dreams may Come

This movie touches your heart. It is filled with lots of love, Fantasy, and Danger. It's Story of Chris who makes the dangerous journey of life.

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What happens on doing massage at this point of your forehead

What happens on doing massage at this point of your forehead

massage on forehead

There are a lot of methods by which massage can be given to human body to feel relaxable. But many of the technique are generally not good for our health, but we feel relaxed at the same time. The main reason behind a Massage is it need more time and money.

Luckily for you, we have found the best method that will be very effective for your body and the most amazing thing is, it is cost free.

At sometimes, you have felt to do massage in the area of the eyebrows. When you start massaging this area, your stress decreases and improves your mood and concentration, also you get rid of headaches and your eyes will feel more relaxed. Various Practitioners of china also believe that massaging in this area will help a lot.

                                    What are the easy steps to achieve this?

Firstly, you press on the point in the middle of both the eyebrows and then move fingers near about 3cm upwards from the eyebrows in a vertical manner. Next, you have to put pressure on the point for about 60 seconds.

As per some fo the experts, this technique will turn on the part of the brain which reduces your stress and will also be helpful to make your skin better. Also, this process mainly targets the eyes and your mouth and also makes you feel energetic from inside.

If sometimes you feel like a headache , you know which method can help you to remove it. So use it when it's required, you will feel better.

How to change your life for the better in just one month

How to change your life for the better in just one month

Change Your Life

Here are some of the tasks one should do to get a better life after a month. For the whole month, I will list you some of the tasks that you should perform every single week to make your life better. I have divided the section into 3 different tasks every week. By Performing these tasks for a month you will find the change in yourself. After that, it's up to you whether you want to continue with them or not.

                                             Week 1: Purifying Mind and Body 

1. Wake up early

An early start around 5 or 6 am in the morning is the best time. This is the best time you can find for yourself you are unable to find the whole day. In the early morning, all the people are sleeping, so the environment is amazing to sort some of the important tasks. Also, if you arise early you will be able to install a new habit, which will be helpful to you later. But if  you are feeling lazy and don't want to wake up early, it doesn't mean that you are tired. It means you don't want to live your life to the fullest. While waking up you say, it's the same day ,you would find difficult but instead if you say, "Go for it". You will feel much better.

2. Better Nutrition

This requires a lot of courage from you. You are currently addicted to alcohol, cigarettes or unhealthy food. Instead, you should leave all the food which have harmful effects. Also, it requires a lot of effort but if you want to change you have to do it. I m personally vegetarian.

All of us should remove toxic things from our life. Also, reduce the amount of food at night. Don't eat before going to bed. If required, take an advice from a Dietician. By doing this, you will feel change in yourself.

3. Sports

I love sport very much. I always spend time with the daily exercises. If you want to move your life, you have to move your body. For this, you can do any sort of exercising like dancing, yoga, running, walking , playing outdoor games, etc. You can join a GYM, as it makes you stronger and Fit.

                                       Week 2 : Putting your private life in order

1. Clean up your personal space

Throw all the unnecessary things. Now it's the time to remove all the past things that are not useful into a trash. If you are holding your past memories you will not progress. Throw smallest things as well, as all the things occupy space. As you do this, you will feel amazing.

2. Sort of your personal business, fulfill obligations:

Do you remember how many times you promise to learn that new course? And how many times you promise to visit your grandparents home?  How many times you promise to complete these things in the new year? You have only two options, either to fulfill them or to remove from to do list. It's up to you whether you want to live the same old  life or strive for a new life.

3. Sort out your social life

Remove all the persons which are ruining your life. Break  off relationships with such people. Leave all arrogant and bad people who don't have new things to learn. Walk  away  from such unusual people. It will be hard at first, but after few weeks you will feel better. Admire your parents only, nobody else.

                                                 Week 3: Plans, Goals, and dreams

1. Write down plans daily and carry them 

You have left with many tasks from the previous week. Do you feel good? If no, then get up complete those tasks and be ready to plan new tasks for  the current week. By doing this,  you will gain more in life. Plans you like to perform in your free time. Also, don't forget to spend time with friends  and loved ones. You also write about new plans that you want to install every day. Follow your plans, your life would become beautiful.

2. List your most important dreams

List of all the favorite things you wanna to do. Revise them daily and each time you will come across some new idea. Some of your dreams may seem to be unachievable. This may include doing skydiving at the age of 80. Let go all the noises in head and image that world is a beautiful place to achieve great things. You have all the time and money to do great things.

3. Plan things every day

On a daily basis, make plans. Plan for the upcoming day a day before. You will feel more productive by writing it down. Also after this, look at our plan, whether I accomplished it or not.

                                                  Week 4: Expand your horizons

1. Try to live differently

 We all know that, small things also matter. So , try to work differently. Go to the restaurant you never go before. In your free time, try to do some new activity. At your workplace, ask yourself: what can I do something different right now? you will try something different and will install a habit of it.

2. Break off your comfort zone

You have performed all  the previous tasks. But there are fears in your eyes. To remove them , you to the places you never had before. While running in the morning, go for an extra mile. Go to places where  you don't know anyone. Talk with strangers. Doing this, you learn new things.

3. Take a break

What have you thought? Here take  a break means to do turn off all of your gadgets and ask yourself, what are the new things I did past four weeks, which new places I visit. This simply means to do self-talk. Give honest feedback to yourself, because you are the creator of your life.

By following all the above tasks, you will feel within yourself a tremendous energy and feel much better. But if you apply these thing in your life daily you will feel amazing and life would become easy.

How to fall sound asleep in just a minute

How to fall  sound asleep in just a minute?

Before  a few days, I  was at a friends party. I was unable to sleep so he gave me a method. This method has worked very well and also changed my life a lot.

Here is the trick, it's known as the '4-7-8' method. Steps are as follows:

1. Breath slowly through nose for 4 seconds
2. Hold the breath for 7 seconds.
3. Last is to breath out slowly from the mouth for next 8 seconds.

Now we will describe the method in brief.

How the method works?

Firstly, when my friend told me this trick, I think he was joking but surprisingly when I did this last night before I reached my breath counter to 8 I felt asleep. This excise really worked well. This exercise makes up asleep immediately. Another thing is when you slow down the breath, your heart's rhythm decreases and you feel calm, it's a basic psychology.

As per the study by neurologist, by this exercise feeling of anxiety gets over and also it slows down 
your central neural system steadily.

Then I studied about the exercise and found something great. If  you are stressed, the chemical named adrenaline increases your flow of blood and also makes your breathing faster.  

With the help of this method , your whole body feels so relaxed. This method was found Andrew Weil, Harvard medical doctor. The method was being used by Indian Yogis in centuries before. Yogis used this technique to reach a state of complete meditation.

How can this technique be helpful to you?

One thing I like to share in common, if this technique has the same effect on you as I have, then you will  be able to fall asleep fastly in any condition. Suppose due to any situation you wake up at midnight, this exercise will help you. It also helps when you're stressed in life.

After the day of Party, I am using this method daily and it has helped me a lot and I wake up in morning with a great feeling.

6 Effective Reasons to wake up at 6 am

6 Effective Reasons to wake up at 6 am

Many people link early risers to success.

Here I will provide you 6 effective reasons to wake up at 6 am.

1. You will have time to discover the hidden you

There are a lot of people who are unable to achieve goals due to lack of focus and gets distracted easily. Tese type of people doesn't start the day by keeping in mind the urgent tasks. Also, it is well known, that the brain works more efficiently in the first half of day so try to complete only that tasks that matter the most.

2. You get time to schedule the day

As you wake up early, you will be able to plan the day before starting your work. By doing this, you will be able to do tasks in more powerful and efficient manner.

Other thing is to plan schedule a day before, this will reduce stress and you will be able to complete tasks easily. But at the time of rest don't plan your schedule.

3. Do self Improvement

Who told you to wake up and reach to the office directly? There are a lot of people who don't make time for any exercise, family or entertainment.

On the contrary, if you wake up at 6, you will get time to do any exercise, go to the gym or do yoga before your day starts. By doing this, your body is sated with endorphins. The brain releases serotonin which helps to make you happy. The Endorphins generates a feeling of happiness and also generates more energy.

4. Able to take Breakfast

We have heard many times, Breakfast is the most essential meal for the whole day. As you wake up early, you will be able to take breakfast. 

5. Successful people wake up early

In a New york magazine, it was mentioned that Jack Dorsey, founder of twitter wakes up at 5:30 to do meditation and a 10km of the run.

Tim cook also wakes up at 4:30 and answer emails of all the partners.

6.  Two steps ahead of everyone

Many types of research have proven that waking up early will unleash your potential and provides you confidence.